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Nordic leaders in beauty and wellbeing

Welcome to Matas Group, where we unite the leading beauty and wellbeing brands of the Nordics and beyond.    

Annual Report


2023-2024 at Matas Group

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Capital Markets Day

28 May 2024, 13:00 CEST

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ESG Report


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Who we are

Matas Group is the ultimate destination for beauty and wellbeing brands to grow and flourish. Together, were a united, dynamic, progressive community. Our aim? To be a true Nordic leader in beauty and wellbeing, and take our authentic perspective to customers globally.  

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What we do

Matas Group is home to some important Nordic brands (KICKS, Matas) alongside cherished products such as Matas Stripes, Matas Natur, Plaisir skincare, BeautyAct, Atelier Rouge and Nilens Jord. But not only are we committed to hosting a variety of Nordic identities under one roof, we’re committed to providing excellence for our customers online and in store.  

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