As the leading Nordic beauty retailer, we’re no stranger to making good impressions. From our customers to employees, we strive to create a positive impact for everyone we engage with, in all parts of our business

ESG Report



At Matas Group, we’re passionate about driving sustainable retail, by not only reducing our emissions, but limiting plastics and waste.

We champion health with safe, responsibly sourced products, while actively supporting employees’ and customers’ mental wellbeing.

And we promote inclusion every day, to move towards a more representative future. One where everyone can feel confident in their own skin. And see themselves in both the universe we create, and the products we carry.

How are we driving sustainable retail?

From our operations to our value chain, at Matas Group, we’re set on reducing our footprint. And we know exactly how to go about it. We need to innovate our logistics operations, so they emit less CO2. And reduce our use of high intensity materials.

As we move towards this sizable goal, we want to use more recycled materials – in both our products and our operations. We want to encourage online shopping with less environmental impact, by designing packaging that optimizes space and minimizes surplus materials. And we want to reduce energy consumption and invest in renewable sources, by choosing more sustainable energy equipment when renovating stores.

But this isn’t something we only need to tackle in our own operations. We want to bring our suppliers along for this journey. Meaning we can amplify our positive impact across our entire value chain, together.

How are we championing health?

At Matas Group, we exist to meet our customers’ wants and needs in every new stage of life. So, it’s important we have the best assortment of products, as well as the best knowledge and advice, to support their mental and physical health year after year.

Teaming up with the right partners is essential for our ability to advise our customers in their health. We work with selected partners we believe can improve our ability to champion our employees’ and customers’ health. We have chosen our partners because we believe that they can contribute to our ambition and in combination, they represent a holistic view of the people we engage with, where both the mental and physical wellbeing is cared for. We have made it mandatory that our employees take part in our partner supported mental wellbeing training so they will get to know and understand their own inner compass and how they themselves cater for their mental wellbeing. It is important to us that the people we employ will thrive in their lives. And we believe that it is our responsibility to society to help them do that.

How are we promoting inclusion?

We want all Matas Group customers and employees to feel confident in their own skin, and represented by the beauty and wellbeing universe we create. So, it’s important that our business reflects the communities we operate in – both in the people we employ, and in any visual brand communication that represents us.

Our priority is to create a beauty and wellbeing industry that is inclusive. One that is defined only by realistic depictions of beauty. As a testament to our commitment, KICKS updated its Image Policy in 2022 to ban retouching on KICKS brand images. Come 2023, Matas followed suit, and has since decided against retouching any and all brand images.