Change in share capital and voting rights of Matas A/S

Matas A/S
Changes in share capital and votes

Change in share capital and voting rights of Matas A/S

Company announcement 11/2013

Allerød, 2013-06-28 17:12 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pursuant to section 6 of
Executive Order no. 657 of 22 June 2012 on Issuer’s Disclosure Obligations, it
is hereby announced that the total nominal value of the company’s share capital
amounts to DKK 101,949,510 divided into shares of DKK 2.50 each, corresponding
to a total of 40,779,804 shares and 40,779,804 votes. 

As described in the Offering Circular, which was publicly announced by Matas
A/S on 13 June 2013, the change in share capital and voting rights is a result
of a restructuring of the share capital structure on 4 June 2013 as preparation
for the initial public offering of the company’s shares. The restructuring of
the share capital structure involved a merger of the two previous share classes
into one and the abolishment of the preferential rights attached to the
preference shares as well as issuance of bonus shares of a total nominal value
of DKK 261,409 and completion of a reverse stock split amending the nominal
value per share from DKK 0.10 to DKK 2.50. 


Lars Vinge Frederiksen, Chairman, tel +45 48 16 55 55

Terje List, CEO, tel +45 48 16 55 55


Jesper Breitenstein, Investor Relations, tel +45 27 80 76 75


Henrik Engberg Johannsen, Information Manager, tel +45 21 71 24 74

About Matas

Matas is the largest health and beauty retailer in Denmark. Since its
incorporation in 1949 as an association of independently owned stores, the
company has developed a strong reputation for professional advice and customer
service excellence that it has leveraged to establish one of the best‐known
retail chains in Denmark. Matas offers a distinctive one‐stop retail concept
which serves a broad range of health, beauty, household and personal care
needs. The company has more than 2,400 employees and in the financial year
2012/13, revenues amounted to DKK 3,200 million.