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Employee share offering

Announcement no. 20/2013

Allerød, 2013-08-28 07:58 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matas stated in its offering
circular published on 13 June 2013 that it expected to make a one-off share
offering to its employees at a discount to market price. The Board of Directors
of Matas has now resolved to make the employee share offering. 

Up to 43,475 shares have been reserved to be offered to the employees of Matas.
The shares to be offered have a nominal value of DKK 108,688 and represent 0.1%
of the company's share capital. All permanent employees of Matas A/S, including
of its Danish subsidiaries, in continuing employment at 1 September 2013 will
be eligible to subscribe for shares in the offering. Each employee will be
eligible to buy shares up to an amount corresponding to his or her gross
monthly salary including pension, holiday pay, etc. Depending on the interest
among eligible employees in buying shares in the offering, applications may be
scaled back, or any additional shares may be allocated according to a plan of
distribution to be determined by the Board of Directors of Matas. 

The employee shares will have a nominal value of DKK 2.50 each and will be
offered at a 20% discount to the market price of the shares, to be determined
as the average of each trading day's turnover-weighted average price on NASDAQ
OMX Copenhagen during the period from 28 August 2013 to 10 September 2013
inclusive. The expected proceeds to Matas assuming full subscription of the
offering will be approximately DKK 4.8 million based on yesterday's closing
price. Matas intends to cover the entire offering by treasury shares. 

The employee share offering will commence on 16 September and close on 27
September 2013. The employee shares will be held in restricted accounts for one
year from 1 October 2013. 

Matas will pay all costs in connection with the offering, and the discount
offered to employees in connection with the offering is expected to result in
an operating cost of approximately DKK 1 million to be recognised in FY

The tax consequences to employees of buying shares in the offering and any
later sale of such shares will not be covered by Matas. 

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Jesper Breitenstein
Head of Investor Relations
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