Grant of Performance Share Units and reporting of transactions in accordance with Article 19 of the Market Abuse Regulation

Company announcement 07, 2023/24
Allerød 3 July 2023

Pursuant to Matas A/S’ (Matas) Remuneration Policy, a total of 158,696 Performance Share Units (PSUs) related to the Company’s long-term incentive programme (LTIP) for 2023/24 have been granted 30 June 2023.

98,033 of the PSUs have been granted to the executive management and 60,663 of the PSUs have been granted to other executives.

Subject to the achievement of two KPIs, weighted 50% each, the number of PSUs awarded may vary upon vesting in an interval of 75% and 150% of the original number of PSUs awarded. One KPI is based on the development in EBITDA and the other KPI is based on the development in revenue in the period up to and including the 2025/26 financial year.

The PSUs are awarded free, and if the PSUs vest and do not lapse, each PSU entitles the holder to receive one Matas share at the time of vesting.

Subject to achieving the KPIs mentioned above, the PSUs will vest after the publication of the annual report for the financial year 2025/26.

At maximum achievement of the KPIs in the period from the start of the financial year 2023/24 and until the end of the financial year 2025/26, the value of the PSUs amounts to DKK 16.0 million at the closing price on 30 June 2023 of DKK 100.6.

It is a condition for participating in the programme, that the participants over a four-year period acquire a holding of Matas shares in a fixed proportion to their gross salary.

According to the EU Market Abuse Regulation Article 19, Matas has received the following reports from management and their related parties’ regarding transactions in Matas shares and related securities in connection with the grant of the PSUs.

Per Johannesen Madsen
CFO, phone + 45 48 16 55 55