Interim report – 9M 2016/17

Matas A/S
Interim report (Q1 and Q3)

Interim report - 9M 2016/17

Company announcement no. 47 2016/17

Allerød, 2017-02-08 07:59 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Satisfactory revenue
performance – guidance maintained 

Q3 2016/17 revenue was up by 1.2% year on year to DKK 1,064.3 million, bringing
revenue for the 9M 2016/2017 period to DKK 2,684.0 million. The underlying
like-for-like store sales growth rate was 1.3% in Q3 2016/17. The like-for-like
growth rate for 9M 2016/17 was 1.0%. 

EBITA amounted to DKK 214.6 million in Q3 2016/17, equivalent to an EBITA
margin of 20.2%, down from 21.7% in the year-earlier period. EBITA for 9M
2016/17 was DKK 449.0 million, representing an EBITA margin of 16.7%. 

The guidance for full-year 2016/17 is maintained at like-for-like revenue
growth of 0-2% and an EBITA margin of around 16%. 

Terje List, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Our revenue performance in Q3 was
satisfactory, with sales of high-end beauty products performing particularly
well. Competition remains fierce, and in that light we consider our earnings
performance to be satisfactory”. 

  -- Q3 2016/17 revenue grew 1.2% year on year to DKK 1,064.3 million. The
     like-for-like growth rate for Q3 was 1.3%. Revenue for 9M 2016/17 was DKK
     2,684.0 million, reflecting like-for-like growth of 1.0% on the
     year-earlier period.

  -- Q3 2016/17 gross profit was DKK 487.5 million, equivalent to a gross margin
     of 45.8% against 46.4% in Q3 2015/16. Gross profit for 9M 2016/17 was DKK
     1,250.5 million, corresponding to a gross margin of 46.6%, unchanged
     relative to 9M 2015/16.

  -- EBITA was DKK 214.6 million in Q3 2016/17, equivalent to an EBITA margin of
     20.2%, down from 21.7% in Q3 2015/16. EBITA for 9M 2016/17 was DKK 449.0
     million against DKK 488.9 million for the year-earlier period. Overall, the
     EBITA margin for 9M 2016/17 was 16.7%, down 1.7 percentage points relative
     to 9M 2015/16.

  -- Profit after tax for Q3 2016/17 came to DKK 147.0 million, and Adjusted
     profit after tax net of amortisation not related to software was DKK 161.8
     million, compared with DKK 167.4 million for Q3 2015/16. Adjusted profit
     after tax for 9M 2016/17 was DKK 330.6 million, down from DKK 354.1 million
     in the year-earlier period.

  -- Cash generated from operations grew to DKK 400.6 million in Q3 2016/17 from
     DKK 369.8 million in the year-earlier period. The Q3 2016/17 free cash flow
     was an inflow of DKK 299.4 million, up from DKK 237.9 million in Q3
     2015/16. Cash generated from operations for 9M 2016/17 was DKK 500.1
     million, compared to DKKK 613.1 million in the year-earlier period. Free
     cash flow for 9M 2016/17 was DKK 303.3 million, down from DKK 434.0 million
     in the same period the year before.

  -- Standing at DKK 1,688.6 million at 31 December 2016, gross debt is within
     the DKK 1,600-1,800 million target range. Net interest-bearing debt was DKK
     1,522.3 million at 31 December 2016, equivalent to 2.5x LTM EBITDA before
     exceptional items as compared with 2.1x at 31 December 2015.

  -- Club Matas continued its net membership growth in Q3 2016/17 to a current
     membership of about 1.7 million. More than 400,000 people have downloaded
     the new Club Matas app.

  -- Matas’s webshop continued reporting strong growth in Q3 2016/17.

  -- StyleBox reported strong growth in Q3 2016/17 following the successful
     implementation of M·A·C shops-in-shops.

 Outlook for 2016/17

The financial guidance for the Group for 2016/17 remains unchanged:

  -- Like-for-like revenue is expected to grow by 0-2%.
  -- The EBITA margin is expected to be around 16%.
  -- Investments excluding store acquisitions are expected to be in the DKK
     90-100 million range.

 Conference call

Matas will host a conference call for investors and analysts on 8 February 2017
at 11:00 a.m. (CET). 

The conference call and presentation can be accessed on our investor website: 

Conference call access numbers for investors and analysts:

Denmark:                          +45 38 48 75 13

US:                                    +1 212 444 0895

UK:                                    +44 (0)20 3427 1905

Event code:                        2277110 or “Matas”


Terje List                                                          Søren Mølbak

CEO, tel +45 48 16 55 55                               Head of Investor
Relations, tel +45 48 16 55 48 

Anders T. Skole-Sørensen                              Henrik Engberg Johannsen

CFO, tel +45 48 16 55 55                                Information Manager,
tel +45 21 71 24 74 

 Forward-looking statements

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from the expectations expressed in this interim report. Without being
exhaustive, such factors include general economic and commercial factors,
including market and competitive matters, supplier issues and financial issues.