Major shareholder announcement

Matas A/S
Major shareholder announcements

Major shareholder announcement

Company announcement 1 2014/15

Allerød, 2014-05-02 09:25 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pursuant to section 29 of
the Danish Securities Trading Act, we hereby announce that Matas A/S has been
notified that Capital Income Builder’s (CIB) holding of shares in Matas A/S at
1 May 2014 after a sale totals 1,960,008 shares equivalent to 4.806% of the
share capital and 4.806% of the voting rights. 

CIB is a mutual fund registered in the United States under the Investment
Company Act of 1940. CIB is the legal owner of the shares in Matas A/S. CIB has
delegated proxy voting authority to its investment adviser, Capital Research
and Management Company, a 100% owned subsidiary of The Capital Group Companies,

Matas A/S