Major shareholder announcement

Matas A/S
Major shareholder announcements

Major shareholder announcement

Company announcement 26/2013

Allerød, 2013-09-20 10:20 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pursuant to section 29 of
the Danish Securities Trading Act we hereby announce that Matas A/S has been
notified that Materialisternes Invest Holding ApS has agreed to dispose of
1,859,103 shares in Matas A/S (the “Sale Shares”) in connection with a buy-back
of shares from a number of shareholders (the “Shareholders”) including C.C.
CLEA CAPITAL ltd. and Mainvest ApS. The buy-back of shares forms part of the
contemplated restructuring of Materialisternes Invest Holding ApS which is
mentioned in Matas A/S’ offering circular dated 13 June 2013. 

C.C. CLEA CAPITAL ltd. is controlled by Lars Frederiksen who is a member of the
board of Matas A/S and the chairman of the board of Materialisternes Invest
Holding ApS. Mainvest ApS is controlled by Mads Pilgren who is a member of the
board and director of Materialisternes Invest Holding ApS. 

All Shareholders have, in relation to the Sale Shares, agreed to adhere to the
lock-up undertakings originally entered into by Materialisternes Invest ApS at
the time of the initial public offering, and subsequently adhered to
Materialisternes Invest Holding ApS, for the remainder of the lock-up period as
described in the offering circular published by Matas A/S on 13 June 2013. 

Materialisternes Invest Holding ApS’ holding of shares in Matas A/S following
settlement of the sale of shares in Matas A/S totals 1,595,487 shares with a
total nominal value of DKK 3,988,718 equivalent to 3.9% of the share capital
and 3.9% of the voting rights 



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