Major shareholder announcement

Matas A/S
Major shareholder announcements

Major shareholder announcement

Company announcement 21/2013

Allerød, 2013-08-29 18:30 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pursuant to section 29 of
the Danish Securities Trading Act we hereby announce that Matas A/S has been
notified that effective from 29 August 2013 Materialisternes Invest ApS’
holding of shares in Matas A/S which totals 4,817,188 shares with a total
nominal value of DKK 12,042,970 (equivalent to 11.8% of the share capital and
11.8% of the voting rights) is owned by Materialisternes Invest Holding ApS as
a consequence of an intra-group merger between Materialisternes Invest ApS and
Materialisternes Invest Holding ApS. 

Materialisternes Invest ApS which was a wholly owned subsidiary of
Materialisternes Invest Holding ApS has as a result of the merger ceased to
exist. The intra-group merger is effected as a part of the contemplated
restructuring of Materialisternes Invest ApS which is mentioned in Matas A/S’
offering circular dated 13 June 2013. 



Jesper Breitenstein, Investor Relations, tel +45 27 80 76 75


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